The first step of the magical and magnificent musical odyssey about Jean Jacquel Le Mage.

Zirkus_COVER_WEB_600The scene is set in 1893. The world is on the brink of chaos. The notorious illusionist Jean Jacquel Le Mage is determined to change the state of the world and sets in motion a master plan to rid the world of all its evil. Together with his orchestra of bandits, Zirkus, he plans to kidnap all the leaders of the world, rid them of all evil and thereby create world peace.

The first step of the magical and magnificent musical odyssey about Jean Jacquel Le Mage and his group of bandits is the single Killers, Builders of the Hive. In October, we launched our first crowd funding campaign in order to be able to record and produce this single as the first of 21 recordings to be released over the next 7 years.

7 years from now, the result will be the magical and magnificent musical odyssey about Jean Jacquel Le Mage – The Man who Kidnapped the World. During the Killers, Builders of the Hive crowd funding campaign, 101 people joined forces with us and together we reached 111% funding for the project. An amazing result and we are truly thankful for all the support.

Because of the support, we have been able to produce a high quality product with attention to detail. A product that we are really proud of. The single will be available in hard copy by February 1, 2015. Everyone who supported the campaign by pre-ordering the CD will be able to claim it from that date. If you haven’t bought the single yet, and would like to own a hard copy, you are able to buy it at our shows or order it in our new webshop. The digital single is already available on iTunes.

Stay tuned for our next crowd funding campaign in March 2015, where you will have the chance of joining our large-scale project by supporting and pre-ordering the next release in the magical and magnificent musical odyssey about Jean Jacquel Le Mage – The Man who Kidnapped the World.


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