The Song about Bill

Look, down there at the bar
There sits old Bill
Bill is a long haired, half blind man
He worked all his life in the mines below

For what?
For what?
Yeah, for a rose

In the old bar called The Glittering Star
Sits old Bill in the darkness
He worked all his life in the mines below
See the scar on his cheek
See the white dots in his eyes
He’s almost blind, the mine took his sight
All this for a rose

But she left him for a young man
A man with a rose in his hand
All Bill ever wanted was for her to be happy
Hah! That’s what I call irony

There on the broken chair
In the shattered home
Sits old Bill, he is all alone
Carving crosses
Sowing the seeds
Thinking of all his unquitted deeds

Bill I know you’re blind
And you can’t see a thing
But your ears work quite all right
And you can hear me sing
Pull the trigger
Make the angels sing
End your life with the bullet
Forged from your wedding ring

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